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Launched AI-Powered Webcam Eye Tracking

CoolTool is a unique automated neuromarketing platform expanding the opportunities of neuromarketing research to a previously unimaginable extent. Recently the company has developed and launched the beta version of unique webcam-based eye tracking running on Artificial Intelligence technology. It ensures a high precision of results and opens new opportunities for marketing research.

Recently the company has introduced the Emotion Measurement neuromarketing online tool. Respondents may complete surveys not in neuro-laboratories but in the more comfortable places where they usually come across advertising. Clients can collect data by just sending the link via different digital channels that is much more easier.

Surprises webcam-based eye tracking brings

First of all, the considerably high accuracy of results, followed by the unprecedented speed of the tool adjustment and usage, as well as wider possibilities now available for everyone.

Gaze movement tracking tool is perfectly suitable for testing of communication materials – videos, static advertising, product visibility on a shelf, and website mockups. From now on it will be accessible not only for digital and professional research agencies, but for mass usage by marketers, advertisers, designers, as well as all other actors who need consumer insights fast and affordable in terms of time and resources.

Ultimate advantages of webcam-based eye tracking

● The possibility to cover a wide audience immediately (you, as well as the respondents, don’t need any hardware as it’s an online solution).

● There is no need to equip a lab and invite people into one room to participate in the test as it always used to be.

● Respondents can take these tests regardless of their location – from the computer, laptop or from a smartphone.

● Respondents don’t have to install any kind of software.

● With the turned on webcam, you can conduct eye tracking and emotion measurement tests simultaneously, which is very important for the comprehensive testing of video advertising.

● You can use any webcam (inbuilt or external, though the better the resolution of the webcam, the more accurate the results).

● In case you don’t have respondents, you can use the CoolTool service to gain direct access to respondents from all over the world (online panels).

The CoolTool team continues to work on the improvement of its technology and strives to launch the most high-precision eye-tracking technology in the world in the nearest possible future. The company would appreciate hearing any feedback from users and calls to test their automated neuromarketing platform with a free account.

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